Book-lovers, video gamers, movie-watchers and music-listeners, are u aware?

09 Apr The best place on the net that I have found to be great for swapping games, books, movies and cds! Why go to a bookstore to pay retail price for what you want when it’s possible to get those things for the cost of shipping, plus a $.25 or $.50 transaction fee? is the place to go.  You sign up and list the things that you are fine to part with and then list the things that you really want. If the system sees that a trade can be made, either direct one-to-one or a 3-way trade (between 3 people), it will let you know that you can get something from your want list or someone else may initiate a trade with you. Works great! (PBS) is another really great place for swapping. You list the books you would not mind parting with and then list the books you want on a “wish list” and start swapping. You earn credits for every book someone requests from you and you mail out. If you use PBS shipping, you will get the credit immediately. If you choose to use your own mailing method, you will get the credit as soon as the person you mailed to marks the book as received. You can use the credits to order books from others on the site. While uses a swap-for-swap method, PBS allows you to order available books whether or not there is someone that would like to trade with you. As long as you have the credits, you can order books from members.

Being the voracious reader that I am, I personally use both sites. Makes me happy!

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Posted by on April 9, 2011 in Useful info


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