Jace by Sarah McCarty

20 May

I loved it! Sarah McCarty’s vampire/wolf shifter series is really good. I like that fact that it wasn’t gratuitous sex. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE erotica, but this books was so much more.

The characters were believable and the dialogue was consistently smooth. There were parts that I laughed at, chuckled over and even teared up over. It hit me on so many levels that it was a very enjoyable read.

The book starts at a point after Jace and Miri met. It doesn’t give you a lot of background on them or their first meeting and how they fell in love. It enters with Miri already in Sanctuary’s hands and their baby already missing. Basically it picks up right where “Jared” left off. Like one long continuing story with the focus being on 1 of the Johnson brothers (Jace) and 1 of the characters (Miri) mentioned in “Jared”.

It gives more book time towards the end of the book to the McClarens, D’Nally’s and Miri’s pack.

The love story between Jace and Miri is so many things: tender, spicy, thrilling, romantic, painful (in more ways than one).

Overall, this book was very good!

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Posted by on May 20, 2011 in Paranormal romance


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