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I started reading at a young age and found that reading books was the most enjoyable thing I could do. They were my toys, my best friends and my escape from the world. Reading a book is like traveling to another place and time and meeting people and characters you only dream about. My love of books is shared by my 9-year-old daughter. I spend so much time and money on books for myself and her. I trade/swap online at different websites and have a lot of fun. These reviews are my opinions of the books I read, so if it helps you decide to read or not read a particular book, I'm happy to help. If you disagree with my opinion about the book, please share your thoughts about it. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Jace by Sarah McCarty

I loved it! Sarah McCarty’s vampire/wolf shifter series is really good. I like that fact that it wasn’t gratuitous sex. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE erotica, but this books was so much more.

The characters were believable and the dialogue was consistently smooth. There were parts that I laughed at, chuckled over and even teared up over. It hit me on so many levels that it was a very enjoyable read.

The book starts at a point after Jace and Miri met. It doesn’t give you a lot of background on them or their first meeting and how they fell in love. It enters with Miri already in Sanctuary’s hands and their baby already missing. Basically it picks up right where “Jared” left off. Like one long continuing story with the focus being on 1 of the Johnson brothers (Jace) and 1 of the characters (Miri) mentioned in “Jared”.

It gives more book time towards the end of the book to the McClarens, D’Nally’s and Miri’s pack.

The love story between Jace and Miri is so many things: tender, spicy, thrilling, romantic, painful (in more ways than one).

Overall, this book was very good!

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HARD BITTEN by Chloe Neill

I read all the reviews and remarks about Chloe Neill’s latest book. Most of the reviews were negative. It seems that most people did not appreciate the ending of this book. I read the book, and I am not one of them. I liked it. A lot. Most people said that the other books in this series had more action, and they are right. There was action in this book, but there was more in the last book. I liked that this book gave more time to the Merit/Ethan relationship and that I was able to see another side to Ethan other than arrogant Master. It put some more meat on their story. I also like that the 2 secondary characters, Lindsey and Luc, had their little moments also. There was a new introduction of villains and along with an old one and I was a little surprised at who it turned out to be.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, the story and even the ending. I love the way Ms. Neill sucks her audience in to the stories she has written for this series. So, for all of the people that say “I am done with this series, I am done with Chloe Neill and I will not read the next book”, you are all liars. You will be right there with everyone else to see what will happen because your curiosity will allow you to do nothing less.


Big Bad Beast?

I have just finished reading Shelly Laurenston’s new book, “Big Bad Beast”.  Why that title? I am still unclear as to who or what the “Beast” was. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved this story. But the title could have been better.

The wonderful thing about Shelly Laurenston’s books are that they have keep you glued to the pages.  This book is no different! The action was imaginative, plentiful, and pretty graphic. Once the lovin’ started, it was imaginative, plentiful and pretty graphic. I even laughed out loud at times.

Dee-Ann Smith and Ulrich Van-Holtz’s relationship was enjoyable to see play out. Dee-Ann is this tough-as-nails, kick butt and kill soldier-type woman that doesn’t take Ric seriously, whereas he has been in love with her ever since he first met her when he was 6-years-old.

Although both are wolf shapeshifters, they are as different as night and day. Throughout the story, Ric is by turns flirtatious, teasing and for the most part, pretty relaxed and laid back, unless the situation warrants something different.  Dee-Ann, on the other hands, revels in the violence, fighting and killing that is her job and life.  She is quick to fight and has very little patience of what she considers annoying people and situations. Her one-liners are quite funny and on occasion she does show some kindness.

When Dee-Ann and Ric get together, it’s quite intense and shows you how fiercely Ric loves her and how she comes to realize how fiercely she loves him. And when their friends and families are threatened, they show how fierce they really are to defend those they love.

I read this book in one sitting. If you like Shelly Laurenston’s shapeshifter novels, you will thoroughly enjoy this one! It’s a keeper!

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Jennifer Estep does it again with “Tangled Threads”!

The latest installment of Jennifer Estep’s “Elemental Assassins” series continues right where the previous book “Venom” leaves off.   “Tangled Threads” continues the story of Gin Blanco, a semi-retired assassin that is able to wield the ice and stone elements. With          the aid of her silverstone knives, brother Finn, dwarf friends Sophia and Jo-Jo, lover Owen, elemental powers and fighting prowess,   Gin is on her way to take down Mab Monroe, the fire elemental that killed her family.

In this book, Mab Monroe has hired another assassin, La Fleur, to take out the Spider (Gin’s assassin name) and Gin’s long-lost sister, Detective Bria. Of course, Gin cannot let this happen so she needs to take out La Fleur and Mab first.

This story has some of everything: romance, elemental wielding pyschos, kidnapping, giants, dwarves, knife fights, electrocution, sibling issues and all. It is fast-paced where it needs to be and then slows down to also give the underlying romantic story a chance to thrive. Great imagery, very inventive and imaginative storyline.  Keeps you interested from start to finish.

Great job, Ms. Estep!

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Book-lovers, video gamers, movie-watchers and music-listeners, are u aware? The best place on the net that I have found to be great for swapping games, books, movies and cds! Why go to a bookstore to pay retail price for what you want when it’s possible to get those things for the cost of shipping, plus a $.25 or $.50 transaction fee? is the place to go.  You sign up and list the things that you are fine to part with and then list the things that you really want. If the system sees that a trade can be made, either direct one-to-one or a 3-way trade (between 3 people), it will let you know that you can get something from your want list or someone else may initiate a trade with you. Works great! (PBS) is another really great place for swapping. You list the books you would not mind parting with and then list the books you want on a “wish list” and start swapping. You earn credits for every book someone requests from you and you mail out. If you use PBS shipping, you will get the credit immediately. If you choose to use your own mailing method, you will get the credit as soon as the person you mailed to marks the book as received. You can use the credits to order books from others on the site. While uses a swap-for-swap method, PBS allows you to order available books whether or not there is someone that would like to trade with you. As long as you have the credits, you can order books from members.

Being the voracious reader that I am, I personally use both sites. Makes me happy!

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