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Jennifer Estep does it again with “Tangled Threads”!

The latest installment of Jennifer Estep’s “Elemental Assassins” series continues right where the previous book “Venom” leaves off.   “Tangled Threads” continues the story of Gin Blanco, a semi-retired assassin that is able to wield the ice and stone elements. With          the aid of her silverstone knives, brother Finn, dwarf friends Sophia and Jo-Jo, lover Owen, elemental powers and fighting prowess,   Gin is on her way to take down Mab Monroe, the fire elemental that killed her family.

In this book, Mab Monroe has hired another assassin, La Fleur, to take out the Spider (Gin’s assassin name) and Gin’s long-lost sister, Detective Bria. Of course, Gin cannot let this happen so she needs to take out La Fleur and Mab first.

This story has some of everything: romance, elemental wielding pyschos, kidnapping, giants, dwarves, knife fights, electrocution, sibling issues and all. It is fast-paced where it needs to be and then slows down to also give the underlying romantic story a chance to thrive. Great imagery, very inventive and imaginative storyline.  Keeps you interested from start to finish.

Great job, Ms. Estep!

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Posted by on May 1, 2011 in Paranormal action