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HARD BITTEN by Chloe Neill

I read all the reviews and remarks about Chloe Neill’s latest book. Most of the reviews were negative. It seems that most people did not appreciate the ending of this book. I read the book, and I am not one of them. I liked it. A lot. Most people said that the other books in this series had more action, and they are right. There was action in this book, but there was more in the last book. I liked that this book gave more time to the Merit/Ethan relationship and that I was able to see another side to Ethan other than arrogant Master. It put some more meat on their story. I also like that the 2 secondary characters, Lindsey and Luc, had their little moments also.┬áThere was a new introduction of villains and along with an old one and I was a little surprised at who it turned out to be.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, the story and even the ending. I love the way Ms. Neill sucks her audience in to the stories she has written for this series. So, for all of the people that say “I am done with this series, I am done with Chloe Neill and I will not read the next book”, you are all liars. You will be right there with everyone else to see what will happen because your curiosity will allow you to do nothing less.